Lottery Draw

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#1 13059 sat
#2 10467 sat
#3 9171 sat
#4 8522 sat
#5 8198 sat

Last Round Winners

1 1ExyAT5f5mFphhr..... 35212
2 12hwg9JsDSo4jP8..... 26109
3 1otoB9Wb7YrzWUg..... 21558
4 39oezcUVc7Ji9NB..... 19283
5 37Km3Sqr77jphg6..... 18145

How to get lottery tickets

- Get 2 free tickets for every faucet claim

- Buy unlimited tickets for 5 satoshi each

- Get 10 free tickets for every 20 users you refer (check the Referral page for more info about referral bonuses)

Lottery Rules

- Any tickets that you purchase or receive for free will be automatically entered into the current weekly round.

- When the countdown timer on this page runs out, the current lottery draw will end and a new one will begin automatically.

- When the round ends, a script will pick 5 tickets randomly from the pool of users having tickets in the current round.

- The more tickets a user has, the higher will be their chance of winning a prize.

- A user will not be able to win more than 1 prize in a round (ie. the same user cannot win the first and second prize for example).

- The prize money will be credited to the account balance of the winners and you will receive a notification after your next claim.

More coming soon!

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